Give Yourself Permission to be Untouchable

I’d like to talk about the permission to be untouchable in your space. Yes, untouchable. You’ve heard me talk about the core 4. The core 4 is what you do, for who, why, and what’s the emotional solution you really provide. I just want to reiterate here, since I’m on it, is, you can’t hang your hat on your current services, because they’re going to change. Your brand is about what you do, not the service itself, but actually what you deliver through your service and then the emotional solution you really provide. For me, it’s permission. Now, do you understand why I want to have this conversation with you?

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Ultimately, what it really is for me is liberation of your authentic expression in service to your commerce, so that you can make the exponential impact in the world that you came in to make. With that said, the core 4, and the fifth, underlying the why, is the wound. The wound is the why. When you do your core 4, when you’re clear about that and you’re not hanging your head on specifics around your service models or what you’re doing today, and you’re completely authentic and transparent with your value, then you can be untouchable in your space. It sounds really easy, doesn’t it? It kind of is, if you’ve done the work, if you’ve done the clearing of the shadow and the sacred contract and you’ve created the double helix, which is called your brand DNA, then you’re untouchable. To be untouchable is to have no competition sideways, above you, or below you.

Examine Your Competition

I’d like you to look at, what would that take in your space? Draw a big circle, put yourself in the middle, above, below, and side-to-side. Who else is in your space? These are your competitors, guys. Who is there? How will you be untouchable? What do you have that they don’t have? How do you have nobody around you? The keys are in the core 4, but I just want you to look at, what do you have, uniquely, so that you can be untouchable? Have fun with that!

Kerri Konik is a seasoned brand strategist and leading expert in igniting emotional connection and optimizing customer experience to drive business growth. She is a consultant, advisor and speaker on catalyzing the emotional bonds between customers, brands, and leaders to increase value, progress, and accelerate the speed of change, growth and desired impact. An entrepreneur at heart, Kerri has launched five businesses, and is the CEO of InspireFire, a women-owned brand strategy and marketing consultancy based in Philadelphia.