Distilled from Kerri Konik’s direct experience over her 30+ years, drawing only the best from industry expertise from three categories; agency, strategic consulting and design. We deliver high-level, effective brand strategies from epic-scale brands, to fast-moving small business and nonprofits,



The brand that got you this far, will not be able to take you to your destination. Now that you have proof of concept, and a foothold in the marketplace, and a business with sea-legs, a strategic brand transformation is your next step to successfully expand and grow. When entering a new arena, its a new everything. New audience, new emotional drivers, new imagery, messaging and experience is required to succeed. This is our sweet spot.


Brands that stand still, go stale. Elevating your messaging and marketing is required ongoing process, to stay top of mind and heart with your customers. Often a brand refresh is needed only to keep up with your competitors. Stay in continuous improvement, and watch your profit margin soar.


We create brands from concept for capitalized startups, and line extensions for established brands. We offer two levels of Brand Development for launch; MVP, minimal viable product, and CCB, complete concept build.


The first thing they see. Your brand, and everything it stands for must be conveyed on your packaging, and evoke the imerative emotions to create customer engagement. Daunting, we know. We have been designing brand product line package design for over 30 years for major brands. You should tap that.



You Need Ongoing Strategy. Do you wish you had top shelf brand leadership, guidance and team or management over the marketing implementation, but for the cost of a lower level employee? You should, because that is what you need to really move theneedle in your brand communications, design and development. To compete with the big brands, you need branding like the big brands, at an attainable fee. That’s the exact business problem we solve with Fractional CBO services.


You Need Clarity. Clarity is a competitive advantage. Without it, everytihng you create, message and market may be very off-target. In the IGNITE consulting engagement, together, we uncover the IDENTITY, VOICE, and EXPERIENCE opportunities for fine-tuning, so you can ignite your message to catch, spread like wildfire, to accelerate the climbs toward your brand’s desired destination. 


You Need a Plan. You are rapidly growing, and you are busy up to your eyeballs. You know your brand needs to evolve to succeed, but it stays right where it is, because you have no time for it. You want a plan. You, and the brand, are ready for high-level help with developing a clear line of sight, a roadmap and an actionable plan.

You Need to Get Unstuck. You are clear of your destination, where you want to go, but you are stuck, overwhelmed or confused on an aspect of the doing. You want help with a specific brand component that you are developing. You want to work with Kerri directly, to get her brand of high-level consulting and solutions, to get unsnagged, and get going. You need to market, sell, and grow.



You Need Advise. This is not conventional support. This is CEO, brand leadership private strategy and support. Because entrepreneurship, ownership and leadership is a gut-wrenching, soul-testing Courage Walk.

It is extremely lonely at the top, daunting, and scary as all get out. It demands constant soul-testing decision making and bold action by you. Only you can lead your brand to the desired destination. And for that, you need the right guide holding the line for you. Kerri Konik holds that space unlike any other leadership strategist out there.