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Shout Out to Barilla Italia for CX Innovation

Here at Inspire Fire®, we have the Five flame award. Today it’s coming at you from our team member Kevin. He recently said in our leadership meeting on Zoom,
“Have you seen the Barilla Spotify playlist? It’s brilliant!”

I’ve been saying the post-COVID economy is the emotional connection economy, but first off, it’s emotional, right? So we’re going to have to ride that particular wave as we all take a collective exhale. We’ll be talking about that in the next few weeks, as we start to adapt and adjust because the post-COVID economy wave is already here. So we’re looking at how to adjust now just like we were looking at adjusting when COVID was on its way in during February of last year.  March 13th marks the one year quarantine anniversary here in our office, our HQ and in Philadelphia. What a ride it’s been, right?

Today’s Shout-Out

Today’s shout-out goes to Barilla Italia. They have created Spotify playlists based on the time it takes to boil your pasta. In the space of CX, there are three distinct phases.

The first stage is establishing, creating a CX at all. According to Forrester research, over 90% of companies and brands stay in the establishment phase and don’t move into the next two phases, but Barilla absolutely has moved on.

The second stage is optimization. Taking what you’ve done, taking your CX that’s been established and improving upon it.

And the third stage is innovation. You may recall during early COVID, many conversations about how long you should wash your hands. It was determined it needed to be at least 20 seconds, and that singing the song “Happy birthday” took that amount of time. So that’s how long you should wash your hands. So that idea ported over to how long should you boil your pasta. I think it’s a brilliant adaptation to the COVID experience.

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Tt’s really enhancing the experience, the customer experience, using music on Spotify, in different genres to play while the pasta is boiling. So, not only are they bringing innovation to how to time the pasta, but it’s also changing the cooking experience, your experience in the kitchen. Here we do Friday night kitchen dance parties, where we cook and eat, have a cocktail or some wine, and really just exhale from the week. Music is a big part of that. So this is really looking at transforming the space in the home of the chef and transforming the cooking experience.

Kudos Barilla, Five Flames from us.

Kerri Konik is a seasoned brand strategist and leading expert in igniting emotional connection and optimizing customer experience to drive business growth. She is a consultant, advisor and speaker on catalyzing the emotional bonds between customers, brands, and leaders to increase value, progress, and accelerate the speed of change, growth and desired impact. An entrepreneur at heart, Kerri has launched five businesses, and is the CEO of InspireFire, a women-owned brand strategy and marketing consultancy based in Philadelphia.