5 Flames Award to Blue Nile

Here at Inspire Fire®, we have our Five Flame award. This is an award we give to companies who we feel are delivering exceptional customer experiences and meaningful touchpoints along the customer journey.

Today we are awarding it to Blue Nile. This online jeweller was founded in 1999, and has consistently elevated their customer experience every since.

The touchpoint that we are granting the Five Flames for is the right items, in the right order in the box.


Customers are always having an experience. Brands that intentionally design the experience, and the emotions along the way, experience better customers and exquisite brand loyalty.   Find out more at https://resonanceroadmaps.com/


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Kerri Konik is a seasoned brand strategist and leading expert in igniting emotional connection and optimizing customer experience to drive business growth. She is a consultant, advisor and speaker on catalyzing the emotional bonds between customers, brands, and leaders to increase value, progress, and accelerate the speed of change, growth and desired impact. An entrepreneur at heart, Kerri has launched five businesses, and is the CEO of InspireFire, a women-owned brand strategy and marketing consultancy based in Philadelphia.