Multiple Expressions of Your Brand Voice

I’d like to share with you the concept of personality. In your brand voice, you have many facets of your brand, and the more and more confident you are, the more willing you are to have and express different facets. Your brand will be known for one thing,and one thing only. It can not have multiple facets, in terms of what it stands for, but it can have multiple expressions. That’s called bandwidth. Brand bandwidth.

You’re not just one thing. Let’s say that you’re very nurturing, that you’re a coach. Let’s say you’re a performance coach. Your style is to really help somebody with gaining confidence, developing confidence, and you’re really loving. Well, if, every single time, you’re only presenting that one voice, that one angle, it doesn’t fly. First of all, it’s boring. The biggest bullet to brand relationship is being boring, because they’ll go elsewhere. You need to have more texture in your brand voice. You’re not just one thing, and nor is your target audience. So, the more you show more facets, the more ways they can love you. The more ways they can connect and bond with you, and resonate with you. And, you give them permission to do the same.

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I want you to look at how many expressions of your brand voice you are sharing… all under the brand arc, the brand umbrella of the one thing that you stand for. If you’re not, it’s probably a confidence and a courage issue.

It’s Boring, When Constantly Predictable with your Brand Message

The other thing that we see with this, is once we have some success, we tend to freeze up. We go into safety mode, ”well, this works”. What happens with that, is your brand voice get STALE. Yuck. If the brand message is always consistent, and constant, that’s good, yet it’s boring, if it is consistently predictable. Now, the impact is, if you’re totally predictable, the boring factor goes up. You need to balance the predictability of what you stand for, with expressing much more personality than just one facet of voice, one slice of who you really are.

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Kerri Konik is a seasoned brand strategist and leading expert in igniting emotional connection and optimizing customer experience to drive business growth. She is a consultant, advisor and speaker on catalyzing the emotional bonds between customers, brands, and leaders to increase value, progress, and accelerate the speed of change, growth and desired impact. An entrepreneur at heart, Kerri has launched five businesses, and is the CEO of InspireFire, a women-owned brand strategy and marketing consultancy based in Philadelphia.