Moving Your Brand from Launch to Velocity

I’d like to talk about the concept of moving your brand from launch to velocity. We have some amazing clients right now that have been in business, they have a small business that’s between 200k and 800k, and they’re ready to leverage. What that means is taking their business to a whole new level.

For us, its quite an honor to work with businesses, and brand owners… warriors, as I like to call us, who say okay, we’ve got the business part down. The business has sea legs, it’s proven and there’s value. There’s an audience that wants to buy your services, there’s profit, and you have a viable business going. And then, the lightbulb goes off, the brand owner becomes ready, willing, and able to take it up to the next level. That’s quite an act of courage, so we always like to applaud our clients in doing that, because they don’t know what the next level is. It might be an incremental growth step, or it could be an exponential “hockey stick” effect. And that’s quite exciting! And, also a little scary.

The hockey stick, that I talk about all the time, is this. If you plan your business right, if you look at your business as a prototype for the first 18 months, or the first 2 years, you then actually build foundational business practices. A team that works, a client base that’s growing and is ideal, you’re growing the profit margins, tweaking the operations, you’ve worked on the business model itself. So you now have a brand that works and you have a business that works. That is the flat part of the hockey stick. When you get ready to recalibrate that brand identity, brand voice, the brand expression, as well as the experience that the target audience is having…. you can take off like wildfire.

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We have a technology inside our velocity path work called Wildfire Technology. It actually takes that amplification and adds in the trifecta components of making that brand just spread like wildfire. So the fear, and the intimidating part is we don’t know if that’s an incremental spread, let’s say we’re going regional, if we’re using a geographic evaluation, or we’re going national, or we’re going global. International or global, they’re different. Or is it a financial shift, where our profit margins are really going to jump? In the velocity path process we get involved in the business acumen, with the brand owner.

Often, as a brand strategist, I’ll see that where a client’s been playing, or the way they’ve been expressing the brand might actually need to be turned on its head, and the possibility is right there. Sometimes just in the re-imagining it, or re-strategizing the positioning and the messaging can stoke and make that fire spread…. like wildfire.

I invite you to take a look at your business model. Your brand, and your business, and look at whether you ready to go into a velocity path? Are you ready to take it to the next level? Do you have the courage to become invincible, to hold that vision, because you don’t know if it’s going to be a wild ride, you don’t know what that’s going to be like, or if it’s going to be steady growth. Both are wonderful, right?

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Are you ready? What needs to happen if you’re not quite ready? What do you need to recalibrate or dial into, so that you can become ready? And when do you want to do it? So my challenge to you is to look at this, when do you want to take it to the next level? What’s your business goal to make your next level of impact?


Kerri Konik is a seasoned senior branding executive who has committed her focus and expertise to bringing big agency strategies to business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve next level growth. Kerri is the CEO of her 5th venture, Brandscape Atelier, a women-owned boutique agency specializing in strategic branding for small business. They develop brand strategy, identity, messaging and marketing that ignites emotional connection, increases sales, drives growth and profits, resulting in sustainability and achieving a greater impact in the world.