Keynote, Breakout and Workshops

“Totally commands a room! When you experience Kerri as a speaker, you’ll be inspired! She’s intense, fast, just Wow!
I didn’t want it to stop!”   – Richard Clifford, RHC Strategies

Emotional Connection.

Inspires Fire.


Kerri speaks to audiences large and small. Conference Keynotes, Company Kick-Off Meetings, Trade Association Annual Meetings and more.

She facilitates executive off-site brand visioning, mastermind quest expert talks, panels, and trainings on key branding, customer experience and marketing topics and strategies.

Harnessing the Power of Brand

Brand is not marketing. Brand is not branding. That’s your logo. Brand is the rocket-fuel inside the marketing, and the organization. It is the emotional connection, the heartbeat, the life-force of a business. What it stands for, and what it delivers, emotionally. It drives everything; customer engagement, the client relationship, internal team culture and the results the business ultimately achieves. Let’s face it, it’s intimidating. Branding is elusive. If it’s not your logo, or your name, or your marketing, then what the heck is it, and how can business leaders possibly harness it’s power?

Brand Clarity: Identity, Expression and Experiences

Kerri’s Brandscape Method distills and synthesizes big agency methods for brand identity, development, design and and delivery processes, making the same sophisticated principles used by the big cats, attainable for the start-up, solopreneur and the small business CEO community.

Brands That Resonate: Provoking a Contagious Emotional Response

As an emotional resonance branding expert, Kerri demystifies the brand relationship, shows how to determine your key emotional resonance pillars for your company and customers, and teaches how to plan, design and deliver relationship strategies and tactics that create strong emotional connections, elicit action, and convert more opportunities to engagements, with ease, speed, and higher profit margins.

Entrepreneurial Fire

Entrepreneurial Bravery. Kerri is fiercely passionate about small business CEOs, the courageous ones who commit to become an entrepreneur, small businesses with a mission to set out to change the status quo, to improve, advance, and to innovate what is.  Movement brands. Kerri’s brilliant, powerful, and moving message is known for inspiring entrepreneurial courage for small business owners with a dream, and igniting those that want to become one.

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