Do You Have The Required Clarity To Be An Invincible Brand?


Unlock Your Brand – the one that’s big and bold. The one that resonates deeply with your ideal audience. When you do, get ready for a big shift in acceleration and rapid growth.

What if you could realize an exponential shift in the perception of your business, products and services – by your prospective clients, your customers, and the world?

What if you could get crystal clear on every single intangible that defines your business and creates or deters it’s success?

What if you were capable of easily and consistently closing bigger contracts?

And what if you could do it all in 6 lessons?

Brand Clarity Bootcamp is a rich and robust, yet easy-to-follow brand identity discovery and clarity program designed to bring strategies of the Fortune 500 brand leaders into the hands of small businesses, high-level experts and startup entrepreneurs.

If you’re feeling…
  • Unsure about the essence of your brand and it’s value in the marketplace
  • Confused about your target audience and how to really connect with them
  • Unclear about how to communicate effectively with your customers
  • Confused about what “branding” really is, and how to finally harness yours…
….this is the program for you.

Brand Clarity Bootcamp graduates finish the 6-lesson program with a newfound sense of clarity regarding every aspect of their brand.

  • They understand who they are, what they stand for, why their business exists, where they fit, and can easily communicate their value and message across all communication channels and platforms.
  • They’ve made the invisible tangible by clearly defining, developing and distilling key drivers into evoking connection and feelings, and are empowered to create messages that inspire actions, and actions that transform into loyal customers.
  • They understand the grand vision of their brand and how to best position themselves for growth and the manifestation of their company’s future.

What’s more, graduates of Brand Clarity Bootcamp have a deeper understanding of their target market, which translates into more meaningful brand engagement and a lifetime of customer loyalty.

6 Lessons to Branding Success

You’ll enjoy your 6-lesson intensive taught by Kerri Konik, the small business CBO, Chief Branding Officer, and C-level trusted brand advisor to small business owners. The content is first-rate and her style of training is captivating and effective.

During each lesson, Kerri will guide you through rigorous, yet simple to execute training modules that give you everything you need for the strategic definition of your brand.

You’ll gain…

  • Clarity of Identity – Identity is the “Invisible Asset” that is difficult to define and impossible to ignore if you plan to grow a business. It is the essential fuel that informs and inspires your brand strategy, messaging, creative design, and marketing tactics.
  • Access to Fortune 500-level brand strategy methods – Each lesson is packed with powerful insights, exercises,and worksheets to help you streamline the branding process and achieve total brand clarity in just 6 steps.
  • A custom Brandscape Method™ workbook filled with strategy process materials that contain specific, clear articulations on your brand and your brand identity. You’ll use this invaluable resource throughout the life of your business.

How will you know when you’ve achieved total brand clarity?

Through your steadfast confidence, your increased ability to communicate, and the priceless Clarity to Act™ that will begin to materialize as soon as you complete your first lesson.

Your results?

Precise clarity of your brand identity, the confidence to
create resonant brand positioning messages, and the ability to
develop effective marketing for YOUR small business.


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Valuable Program Features

Each lesson is self-paced and can be accessed on demand 24/7 in our Online Programs site. You will receive:
  • 6 comprehensive audio lessons, each approximately 60-minutes in length
  • Your own Brand Clarity Bootcamp Workbook packed with exercises, worksheets, and study guides to support your brand development in each lesson
  • An additional bonus video, strategies, and materials recommendations from Kerri and the agency team

Dig deep into the core of who you are and what your brand stands for. In Lesson 1, you’ll gain insight into your brand’s identity, and learn how to identify the 4 most crucial components of your brand, including:

  • Who precisely your target audiences and segments are, and who they are not
  • Exactly what your brand promises to deliver, what problems you solve for your clients
  • Why your do what you do (and how that informs every aspect of your brand’s power)
  • The emotional solution you deliver, the unspoken deliverable for your customers, and what sets you apart from your competition

In Lesson 2, you’ll learn how to envision your brand’s big picture. By focusing on your business’s long-term goals and future design, you’ll be able to articulate your brand’s voice and messaging around a strategically planned business model that can easily be developed. You’ll also break free from the the “Fraud Factor” for good, and you’ll use actionable methods to…

  • Understand exactly what your brand IS, and what it’s NOT
  • Determine exactly where your business territory is, and market for a bold future
  • Clarify your lucrative niche, and avoid broad, ineffective and inauthentic marketing tactics
  • Extinguish feelings of insecurity and the “imposter syndrome” in your industry

In Lesson 3 you’ll learn the tenets of how to be in your brand, and expand on your capacity to express who you are, and your distinct identity is the most powerful communicator of your brand’s value to your audiences, prospects and loyal customers.

In this lesson, you will learn…

  • Understand exactly what your brand IS, and what it’s NOT
  • Determine exactly where your business territory is, and market for a bold future
  • Clarify your lucrative niche, and avoid broad, ineffective and inauthentic marketing tactics
  • Extinguish feelings of insecurity and the “imposter syndrome” in your industry

There is nothing more important than gaining deep understanding of your target market: who they are, what they desire, what they need, and what they wrestle with, and how your solutions can specifically resolve their challenges and deliver their goals. In Lesson 4, you’ll discover…

  • The most common misperceptions surrounding how to dial into and define target markets and niches
  • How to align the “vertebrae” of your several target audiences into a marketing segmentation that can be researched, understood, and therefore marketed to more effectively
  • How to communicate and message to that audience through a resonant voice and create a deep emotional connection with your brand
  • How to unlock connection through the first emotion, and then deliver the emotional solution through your products and services that your customer requires to be satisfied

In Lesson 5, you’ll learn how to communicate your brand identity to the world. We’ll take your brand beyond the logo and dig deep into the core components of…

  • Brand expression – it’s time to express the brand you’ve clearly defined
  • Symbols and metaphors – learn how they empower and amplify your brand’s message
  • Visual brand communication – learn to move beyond the logo and use the full range of a Visual Voice
  • Multi-dimensional branding across multiple channels and platforms

Lesson 6 draws upon everything you’ve learned and prepares you to transition from clarity to communication and connection. You’ll understand how to engage your audience, develop marketing and roadmaps of experience that educate, emotionally connect, resonate and inspire your audiences to take action, to inquire and hire you with little resistance.

  • How to create meaningful experiences that resonant with your audience
  • How to incorporate the emotional value of your brand into your creative design and marketing materials
  • How to create and host brand experiences and that motivate and inspire


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Emerging as a small business leader, Yasmin felt the imperative push to rebrand his start-up into a full-throttle Brand with True Brand Chemistry™.  Now his agency powerfully resonates with their more precisely defined target audience segmentation on shared vision, values, communication and impact.


A freelance engineer grows into a Marketing Automation powerhouse brand. Dig deep, define and declare differentiating factors, competitive advantage and personality. He steps in, steps up and stands out.


An inspiring and seasoned Executive Coach with profound impact, in very important arenas, claims her mission, territory, and creates a full-force brand.


An interior designer discovers the true solution she provides her clients, and rebrands into a full-service concept to completion design firm, in full transparency, and with no apologies.

Only $197.00

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“Before BCB, I was having a tough time finding a way to define my integrated movement training and specialized programs in a market saturated with bootcamps, crossfit and mass Pilates & yoga classes. BCB helped me to clearly define what areas of the market are uniquely mine, what I can do better than anyone else. I was able to stop trying to compete with larger or more mainstream businesses. I found I was able to more clearly articulate my unique selling proposition to exactly the audience that needed to hear it!

The results were tangible on many levels. I gained incredible confidence in OWNING my unique skills. After the program, I was able to talk to people easily about my work, and the benefits it offers, where before I stumbled and apologized for not being like everyone else. I was able to focus my marketing efforts on exactly the people I wanted to reach, and weed out the rest – before I even got started! My fees were suddenly not something I had to justify or apologize for; they were absolutely in line with my skills and experience and with the results that my clients achieve in working with me. As a result of changes to my marketing, inspired by the BCB, my ideal clients can find me now.

My revenues have increased by at least 15% and I expect, as I step out to open my new studio, those numbers are only going to go up. Thank you Kerri Konik and Brand Clarity Bootcamp!”


“Before taking the Brand Clarity Bootcamp, I really didn’t have much of a clue about what branding really was and what goes into the process of creating a brand.  Let me tell you, it goes much beyond creating a logo.  Working through the program had me really exploring all aspects of my budding business, including my short and long-term visions.  What started out as a company selling and setting up software has evolved to empowering soloprenuers to create momentum in their client relationships by leveraging technology and automating their marketing.

Now that I’m speaking with my brand voice, my ideal clients are coming out of the woodwork because I’m showing up with a confidence and clarity of vision that I didn’t have before.  In January I started really showing up as this new version of my brand and I brought in more cash flow in 4-days than I brought into my business in all of 2014… and I have continuation work/bookings from those projects that are estimated to bring in additional revenue equal to more than 44% of my goal for 2015. It is crazy good what happens when you get SUPER CLEAR on what your business is and isn’t.  It all starts with your brand and Kerri’s Brand Clarity Bootcamp walks you through the entire process.”


“I loved Kerri’s Brand Clarity Bootcamp. As a new business owner, I didn’t know much about branding, except that it scared me. I was so afraid I’d get it wrong and mess up my whole business and my future.  But Kerri’s process removed all the confusion and helped me understand how to brand myself.  By the time the program was finished, I knew what my brand was for from the start, and how it would evolve with the evolution of my business.  I had enough information to go forward with ease and the certainty that my brand would be an excellent reflection of me, and I was clear and confident that it would change as I did.

The BCB was the best of both worlds. Lots of good information and teaching, and plenty of hands on exercises so I could figure things out. And the Q & A calls were amazing. Kerri has this ability to take the complex and ephemeral and make them simple and easy to understand. Thanks Kerri!”


“As a brand designer I am always looking for new opportunities to further my knowledge of brand development strategies.

Brand Clarity Bootcamp allowed me to get a deeper understanding about brand authenticity and developing a unique brand voice. As a result I am able to provide my clients with a much richer experience of developing their unique brand and it’s very rewarding. Working with Kerri is amazing, she is a wealth of knowledge and a pure inspiration!”

Only $197.00

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