Build It Right, Or Buy It Twice

Kerri Konik explains the tough reality of investing in your brand marketing twice, if you did not start with a strategic branding process.

Courageous Enough To Polarize?

In order to resonate, in order to matter, you need to communicate what you stand for.

Steer in Times of Uncertainty

As brand leaders, making big decisions can be challenging. When you are struggling with this, this one question can unleash clarity of your next move.

End-To-End Experience Strategy

How To Unlock Your Category and Emerge As A Category Leader Understanding what the customer experience is, known as the End-To-End Experience, and how to approach it as a fast-growing emerging product or service brand, will accelerate your arrival at your success...

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Emotional Connection Trumps Customer Satisfaction

There is an excellent HBR (Harvard Business Review) article, September 2016, that talks about the concept that emotional connection matters more than customer satisfaction, and I completely agree. When you have an emotional connection, you have a relationship, you...

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Everything Sends a Signal

What signals are you sending? Everything sends a signal. Every detail of what you say or don't say, what you show or don't show sends a signal. To the recipient of that signal it goes in and it gets processed and a meaning is assigned. That is just neuroscience....

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Vote With Your Wallet

Vote with your wallet. What exactly does that mean? Voting with or against a brand, and what the brand stands for, is what voting with your wallet means. It's one of the most powerful things we can do as consumers and customers, and recipients at the other end of that...

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Build the Brand as You Build the Business

I'd like to discuss the concept of building your brand as you build a business, and doing that correctly up front. One of the mistakes that many small business owners make is they wait too long to start marketing and branding. They say, "I have no resources. I'm a...

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Don’t Lead With the How

How You Work Does Not Resonate With Clients One of the lessons for small business brands as they grow is to pull out of the messaging on how they work. Often we've come up with a proprietary system or a methodology that is unique. That's great because it forms a...

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How to Resonate with Corporate Clients

This week's conversation is about how to create emotional resonance when your target audience is a large corporation. When I was starting my company based in New York City, I never thought of myself as a small business. We happened to be an extremely small business...

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Are You Totally Predictable?

Multiple Expressions of Your Brand Voice I'd like to share with you the concept of personality. In your brand voice, you have many facets of your brand, and the more and more confident you are, the more willing you are to have and express different facets. Your brand...

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Are You Mistaking Your Logo as Your Branding?

Why Your Logo is Not Your Brand I want to talk about this because people tend to stand behind their logo as their brand. I don't know how many times people have said, "Oh I don't need branding, I have a logo. I have a brand." You don't have a brand. You don't have...

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Are You Doing Enough Name Calling?

Name Calling is A Muscle I'd like to talk to you about a concept around brand identity. Are you doing enough name calling? You need to build up the muscle about naming what you see, or naming what you feel. I'll give you a good example. When you see another brand, or...

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Polarization and Your Invincible Voice

Let's look at polarization, and how it affects your ability to be invincible as a brand voice. Let's use my brand voice as an example. I am a powerful voice, a powerful brand voice - and I have quite a strong stance. Having a strong stance is beneficial, right? We...

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Are You Courageous Enough To Polarize?

Polarity and Your Brand Voice I'm going to spend the next few blogs addressing the concept of polarity. You can have it all, but you can't have it both ways. You've heard you can have it all, and I can tell you yes, you can have it all, which is the success of your...

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How the Fraud Factor Works in Branding

Don't Let the Fraud Factor Show up in Your Branding What I'd like to talk about is the fraud factor, how the fraud factor plays in branding, how it shows its face. The fraud factor, as you know is any time that you feel like a fraud, you feel like you don't have the...

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Stop Being So Damn Literal With Your Branding

Don’t Be Literal With Your Messaging Stop being so literal. One of the mistakes that small business brands make, and definitely that startup entrepreneurs make, even if you have a very clear idea of what your brand value is to your target audience, the tendency is you...

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How is Your Brand Relationship?

Don’t be Afraid of Your True Brand I'd like to talk about Brand Relationship. More and more when we talk to brand leaders, whether they're just starting out or they have been established for awhile, their fear factor seems to increase when they actually have...

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Is Your Brand Ready For The Next Level?

Moving Your Brand from Launch to Velocity I'd like to talk about the concept of moving your brand from launch to velocity. We have some amazing clients right now that have been in business, they have a small business that's between 200k and 800k, and they're ready to...

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How to Steer Your Brand in Times of Uncertainty

Who Is your Hero? I want to talk about accessing your courage by simply accessing your hero. Often, we all struggle with remembering, "What am I trying to do again?", when we get into that fog of fear and confusion. I can tell you that at every level, every step of...

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Springboard Off The Backs of Brand Giants

Would you like a completely FREE way to get inside your brand voice, and to use the messaging and metaphors that are really going to resonate with your target audience? As a brand consultant, we do big agency strategies for small business and entrepreneurs. When we...

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Can You Attain Untouchable?

Give Yourself Permission to be Untouchable I'd like to talk about the permission to be untouchable in your space. Yes, untouchable. You've heard me talk about the core 4. The core 4 is what you do, for who, why, and what's the emotional solution you really provide. I...

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Are You Bailing on Your Success?

Brand Trajectory This week's concept is about the entrepreneurial direction or the brand arrow. A few colleagues and I have been kicking around the idea of owning the direction of your arrow. What I mean by that is this. Brands come to us often for a re-brand, or a...

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You Can Build It Right, or You Can Buy It Twice

Build A Brand Right Let's talk about money. Sometimes people say, once I get a business going, I will go back and build a brand. Learn how to avoid a common mistake made by start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Early on, when I'm working with startups and...

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